Welcome To Shaklee Family

Welcome To Shaklee Family

I want to personally welcome you to the Shaklee family and congratulate you on making the choice to live a healthier, and a better life. We are excited to provide you with an opportunity to achieve your dreams by sharing the best natural health products with the millions of people who need and want what we have.

Your success in Shaklee is truly determined by you. We provide products that are naturally safe and proven effective, as well as training, support, recognition, and generous compensation. And you spread the word—reaching out and sharing the products and the idea that people can create the life they have been dreaming about. What is truly special about Shaklee is that there is no limit or ceiling on what you can achieve.

I encourage you to get started today. Experience our great products and launch your business. Setting goals and establishing your plan of action are key elements of your success. Follow this Business Guide which is designed to help you create a business that can last for generations.

It is not often that we are given the opportunity to create a better life for ourselves by helping others at the same time. I am grateful for being part of Shaklee and hope that being a member of our family will provide you with a healthier and richer, more meaningful life.

Wishing you much health, happiness and prosperity.

Warm regards,
Chairman & CEO Shaklee Corporation

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