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Testimonials Prenatal Shaklee Vitalizing Plan

Testimonials Prenatal Shaklee Vitalizing Plan

Shaklee Vitamins testimonial from My Prenatal Client Lesley…..

I had been taking what was labeled as a pharmaceutical grade prenatal vitamin for the first two or three months of my pregnancy before I switched to the “Shaklee Vitalizing Plan” which includes daily vitamins and a nutrient-dense protein shake.

I was shocked at the difference I felt almost immediately after I began taking them. My mood was brighter, my energy was more stable and my food cravings were much more manageable (as much as one could expect during pregnancy!). The vitamin strip became something that I looked forward to taking everyday, another obvious sign to me about how desperately my body needed those nutrients.

As someone who also struggled heavily with mood swings and sugar cravings before pregnancy, I cannot say enough about how satiated the Shaklee vitamin and shake combination made me feel each day. I was able to practice yoga, go hiking (even the day before I gave birth!) and keep up with a brand new puppy all the way up to my son’s birth.

I credit wholly the health and energy I felt during my pregnancy to the nutrients provided by this system.

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