Shaklee Vivix Cancer Testimonial

Shaklee Vivix Cancer Testimonial

vivix Cancer Story :Let me relate a story I heard today about a woman who had cancer 10 years ago and refused chemo and decided to go the natural route using Shaklee and other alternative approaches. She has done extremely well for many years. When Vivix came out her friend told her about it … she sent the information to her doctors and normally they would send her an email response but not this time! They called her and told her to, “not walk, but RUN to get this product and start taking it immediately!”


CHILD WITH BRAIN CANCER : I spoke with Megan’s dad yesterday, and he told me that it was one year ago to the day, November 19, 2007 that they rec’d the news that Megan, age 7, had brain cancer and her prognosis wasn’t good. So the journey began the poking, prodding, chemo therapy, bedside vigils, etc. They were introduced to Shaklee and they started little Megan on Nutriferon and Children’s Vita Lea. She began to show some improvement. However, Todd told me that the real tipping point came in August with the introduction of Vivix; they began the daily Vivix, 1 tsp per day. Megan has shown remarkable progress ever since. The neurosurgeons at the Mayo clinic told her parents that the type of tumor that Megan has DOES not shrink,not with chemo treatment. They were in disbelief when Megan’s tumor was almost undetectable. Todd totally attributes her amazing progress to prayers which are so powerful but also to Shaklee’s Vivix along with the Nutriferon and vitamins. The hope that he and his family have again is beyond words. I still find it very difficult to put what I heard in his voice into words. Todd touched me to the very depth of my being. This is why we do what we do, we are able to give people hope when they have none. God Bless.

Jeannie Foster

BASAL CELL CANCER and DIABETES:In October of 2007 I was diagnosed with a Basel Cell carcinoma (skin cancer) on my left shin. The Dermatologist cut and scraped it out and asked to see me again in 6 months. In July of 2008 the lesion had not healed and appeared to be even larger. We scheduled a surgical procedure to remove the entire lesion including going as deep as needed and excising healthy skin all the way around (about the size of a quarter). In August I began using VIVIX. 4 weeks later, I went for the surgery and the cancer was essentially gone! I’ve been a dedicated Shaklee nutrition user for many years and VIVIX was the only difference in my supplement program.

Ed has been diabetic for many years and on insulin for a number of them. He has struggled for a long time to get his A1C levels below 7 (these levels are measured every 6 months and are more important than the daily sugar levels to determine how well you are managing your disease). After 4 weeks on VIVIX his regular check-up indicated his A1C levels have dropped from 7.2 to 6.6. We’re expecting even better results at the next checkup!

Ann & Ed Mangelsen

VIVIX CANCER : This year has been a journey for our family. I look back and see many blessings despite hospital stays and doctor visits from April through September. On April 4th, my husband Ron had a small tumor removed from his rectum which came back positive for cancer. More tests were ordered, and during those tests, an abdominal aneurysm was found. On June 18 he had the surgery to repair the aneurysm prior to having the rectal surgery for the colostomy. In mid-August we met with the colo-rectal surgeon who indicated that the pathology report showed the tumor had invaded the rectal muscle and the margins were questionable. Their recommendation was to have the colostomy to be sure the cancer was completely removed, however we had the option of first having a biopsy of the area where the tumor had been removed. On September 16th the doctor called telling Ron that there were no cancer cells in the biopsy. Ron had not been using any Shaklee supplements. With the first pathology report in April, I set Nutriferon on the kitchen table and explained the product, telling Ron he should start taking six a day. I also gave him Optiflora, Carotomax, and Vita Lea Gold with his prescription medications. In August we started using Vivix daily.At the time of the biopsy in September, Ron had been taking the supplements since April and on Vivix for six weeks. Where did the cancer go?? The surgeons cannot explain it. It was there but it is gone. I think back to Dr Shaklee saying “Give the body what it needs and it will heal itself.” This has been my prayer since last April. Ron questions “Was it the Vivix?” but continues to ask for the Vivix every morning and he faithfully takes the Nutriferon and the other supplements. I thank God and Shaklee that the vivix cancer is gone. I am also thankful for the surgeons who were willing to do more tests before doing more surgery.Jan Cruise

LUNG VIVIX CANCER : Ken was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer Oct. 2007. One tumor is located near theT3 & T4 vertebra. He was having severe pain in his upper back & the only thing that helped was morphinetablets – he needed one tab every 12 hrs. Dec. 2007 the oncologist recommended chemotherapy. We were told “there is no cure” – the hope was to “buy him some time”. And hopefully the chemo kills the cancer before it kills you! We know chemo is poison and kills good cells along with the bad. The formula was aggressive and strong. He got worse with each treatment and it took longer to recover between treatments. I asked if I could give him vitamins and the Dr. said not while he was having chemo. Ken rarely used Shaklee vitamins. It’s hard for him to swallow pills!His 6th and last treatment was April 7, 2008. The oncologist told us the further out from the last chemotreatment without the cancer growing again, the better. Again I asked if I could give him vitamins now? He said “give him anything you want”. It had been 10 months since his last treatment! I started Ken on (force fedhim!) Cinch shakes. He had NO appetite and was continuing to lose weight, was very weak and proceededto lose 10 more pounds! I thought he was dying. He also took Vitalizer Gold, Garlic, Alfalfa, Nutriferon,Flavomax and Zinc. (Vivix was started Aug. 2008.) June 2008 we began to see SLOW improvement – hishair and appetite started to come back. The Doctors had been monitoring him every 2 months to make surethe cancer was not growing again. January 2009 our follow up oncology visit was a good report: He is doing well, looks great, and feels good. He said come back in 3 months instead of 2. Feb. 16, 2009: Ken has not needed morphine or any pain pills AT ALL for the last 2 months! I believe VIVIX cancer is helping with that also.His 3 Doctors made these comments on how he looks:

1) “You’re doing very well – keep doing what you’ve been doing – it seems to be working.”2) “You look better than you have ever looked – EVER!”3) “Oh my Gosh Kenny, you are back from the dead! I’m going to call you Lazarus! You look GREAT!”

Bonnie Templeman

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