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Shaklee Supplements Control Blood Sugar Levels

Shaklee Supplements Control Blood Sugar Levels

SHAKLEE Supplements that REALLY help to control our blood sugar levels, whether diabetic or not:

1. LifeShakes and 180 meal/snack bars – low glycemic which means they help to stabilize blood sugar levels because they have the right balance of fiber and protein to carbs.

2. Vitalizer – Keeps us healthy. Good health minimizes blood sugar swings from illness (extra C & probiotic & multi), mental and physical stress & inflammation (B-Complex, anti-oxidants, Omegas), and digestive upsets (probiotic).

3. Stress Relief Complex – Helps control Cortisol response, to minimize stress related high blood sugar spikes.

4. Glucose Regulation Complex – Contains ingredients that promote efficient glucose utilization. Helps keep blood sugar levels steady. Very good for Type 2’s and Pre-Diabetics

5. Vivix – polyphenols have a blood sugar lowering/stabilizing effect.

Kathi’s Story: Was overweight. Diagnosed with high blood pressure, pre-diabetes. Did the Shaklee 180 plan and followed it to a tee. Lost 80 pounds in 10 months. Blood pressure became normal. No more pre-diabetes. Higher energy level now. Able to vacation with grandchildren in San Fran and walk the hilly streets with them. Would have never been able to before. Also takes LifePlan, Joint Health Complex, Stress Relief Complex as needed.

Karen’s friend’s story: diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Had already cleaned up diet and increased Exercise. Still diabetic. Went on Glucose Regulation Complex and Vitalizer Men. No longer has diabetes. Has more energy.

Crystal’s story: Type I Diabetic 23 years. Wears insulin pump. Started Shaklee 9 years ago and blood sugars are lower and more stable now. Life Shakes for breakfast. Meal & snack bars always in purse, car, and keep handy for snacks. Vitalizer, Stress Relief Complex before bed or on occasion in the day. When I take Vivix, I use 25% less insulin per day.

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