Shaklee Heart Disease Testimonial 1979

Shaklee Heart Disease Testimonial 1979

HEART DISEASE TESTIMONIAL Labor Day, 1979, I was taken to the hospital having suffered a massive heart attack. For the first eight days, I was not even allowed to turn over on my own. ; the next few days I was told I was improving, but I felt I was having strange reactions from some of the medications. I asked my doctor if he could cut back on the amounts of medication. The doctor said no as he couldn’t do that. I told him I did not like what it was doing to my mind. Four days later I left the hospital.

On the second night after I came home, I had an experience that I’ll never forget. It was like I was on a trip on L.S.D. The next morning, when I found out that I was still alive, I picked up all the medications I was taking and placed them all in a waste basket. I then called my friend, who had tried no hard to get me to take Shaklee before I had my heart attack, and told him to bring anything he thought might help me. He brought Instant Protein, Vita-Lea, Vita-E, Vita-C, Alfalfa and Lecithin. If it didn’t help and I died, okay. But, no way could I take a chance on losing my mind.


For the next three to four months, I felt better. Even my arthritis was no longer bothering me. In May, 1980, I became a distributor in order to get my supplements at a lower cost and share them with my friends.  I have not taken any drugs in the last 12 years and at age 83, I feel better and know I am healthier than I was at 60. I take all the Shaklee products. When the Science Department at Shaklee produces another one, I just add it to my diet. I also take Lecithin 5-6 per day in order to keep my mind alert. I sell from $500 to $1,000 a month to my friends because I truly believe they need them. I bowl every week, just re-modeled a new house, and really enjoy life.

Robert Folk  Sterling, IL
Shaklee Products Used: Vita-Le; Instant Protein, Vita-E, Vita-C SR, Lecithin and all the others

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