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Shaklee Anti-Aging Products: Vivix & ResV

Shaklee Anti-Aging Products: Vivix & ResV

Your cells’ built-in defense mechanisms are compromised by things like daily stress, fast food, lack of exercise and toxins in our environment. As a result, you have lower energy and your DNA is actually being damaged. Yep…it’s bad. This is how cellular aging happens. Clinical and laboratory studies show that Vivix® ingredients have a positive impact on a few key parts of the cellular aging process. Let’s dive in.

  1. Cellular Defense – A clinical study† has shown that the anti-aging ingredients in Vivix are capable of thwarting our body’s negative response to stress. As we all know, stress is bad…it ages us.
  2. Cellular Energy – A scientific lab study† has shown that the anti-aging ingredients in Vivix are capable of increasing cellular energy production, which deteriorates over time. Now that is cool.
  3. Cellular Repair – Multiple lab studies† have shown that the anti-aging ingredients in Vivix has the power to both protect and repair our DNA. This is incredible.
  4. Cellular Performance – This one’s awesome. Even more sophisticated lab studies† by the Shaklee science partners have shown that the powerful antioxidants in Vivix actually activated a genetic regulator in our body that assists in improving cellular performance…and it even thwarts the formation of AGE proteins, which cause damage to our cells.

*Study name: A Resveratrol and Polyphenol Preparation Suppresses Oxidative and Inflammatory Response to a High-Fat, High-Carbohydrate Meal. Date published: February 2, 2011. You can read it here if you really want to.


The Benefits of the Best Anti-Aging Product Vivix®


  • Significant improvements in cellular energy, repair, defense and performance at the microscopic level according to numerous lab studies and in a clinical study.
  • Cellular aging protection from more than 15 polyphenols, such ellagitannins (yeah, complicated word)…which is quite simply one of the most potent natural antioxidants on earth.
  • A 10X higher potency than other anti-aging products that focus solely on resveratrol…which is great by itself, but much more powerful with polyphenols.
  • Easy to consume and digest without artificially flavored badness that could add more gunk to your body. It’s pure reseveratrol mixed with poweful polyphenols, baby.




Vivix Shaklee Awet Muda Anak Beranak Kulit Bersih Licin Berseri


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