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Nasa Astronauts Choose Shaklee

Nasa Astronauts Choose Shaklee

Captain Scott Kelly & Commander Mark Kelly are former American astronauts and heroes. The two specialties of the two brothers are that they are identical twins who are both astronauts.

Captain Scott Kelly is the first American to have lived in space for one year on the ISS. He admits to surviving and staying sane for a year in space is extremely difficult. It has a direct impact on the human body.

General Re-entry Syndrome (GRS) is one of the problems of astronauts when they are flown home. Among the syndromes are: – fatigue, vertigo, stomach discomfort, imbalance, and debilitation as they enter the earth’s atmosphere and land on the surface.

Mark & ​​Scott are involved in experiments conducted by NASA in a long-term study of the effects of being on the human body. Scott was on the ISS for a year while Mark was on the ground for the same period. This study aims to understand the state of the human body in space before continuing NASA’s next exploration of the moon, asteroids and Mars.

In 1993, NASA approached Shaklee for supplementation for their astronauts. Shaklee created Astroade (now known as Performance Drink) to overcome GRS to return home. Shaklee has since provided supplements to NASA astronauts to maintain health in space and while undergoing endurance training on earth.

Shaklee is now providing Vitalizer as a comprehensive daily nutrition supplement on NASA’s expeditions. Special formulations supported by clinical studies for the human body.

So, if humans are incredible with incredible endurance such as astronauts taking Shaklee supplements for health, why do we who have to go through this regular daily routine not need supplemental support.

Shaklee’s research is recognized by NASA and Professor Emerita around the world to ensure long-term health.

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