Letter For Helen Lam Shaklee Malaysia 2017

Letter For Helen Lam Shaklee Malaysia 2017

Dear Helen Lam

I’m writing this status just to say thank you for your fantastic event, great ideas, with FLC shaklee members, bring BLC program to the next level of MLM field. Its just a fantastic way to do MLM, fun and most importantly, sustainable and consistent. Oh, yes, my name is Faiz, my fb name Joe Labu, you can call me joe, avarage and normal SID. Hahaha, you can remember me, the guy with curly hair and with beautiful wife.

Firstly , i just want to start with this famous quotes, from the late Dr Forrest C. Shaklee .

“Follow the laws of nature, and you’ll never go wrong.”

Thanks to you, to stress the most important point in BLC. That is “DO THE RIGHT THING” . yes. If we wanna go for BUILT TO LAST attitude, we should do the right thing. I just remember some points of your speech last BLC.

1. BUSINESS LIKE A TREE – its just we follow the nature of law, to grow a tree , we should nourish the tree, it takes time to grow, protect it, and organically, the tree should grow bigger and bigger. Not too fast, like mee maggie. This is one example we follow the law of nature. Sames goes apply to my business as well. Best part you never mention we should go fast, achieve higher ranks as fast as we can.

2. KLCC STUFF – from the last NC, you always said this KLCC stuff, 3 years of building the base, then start do lift up the main blocks of KLCC.

3. NEW STARTER KIT and PNR – new starter kit, more hipster than before, minimalis design, change 100% from old school of MLM to the new era of how we should do MLM. I have read the business guide and its shows BUILT TO LAST philosophy. Some points in pnr, likes 70% rules and maximum 250 uv, no quick sale make me thinking back how I should do my business, the most important , do the right thing.

4. RESPECT EACH OTHER – last point, maybe, its about getting harmony with the family of shaklee. I like your points; to say thank you to your upline, respect others group, stay in your group.

Thanks again bring shaklee home office back to the ground, with new HQ. Last word from you, that will make this business BUILT TO LAST is NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP.

thank you Helen .

(ps: english not good, just read it, hahhaha, so that roger also can understand)

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