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Inventory Loading Breaks the Relationship

Inventory Loading Breaks the Relationship

We’re About Doing, What’s Right At Shaklee, we want you to be successful in your Shaklee business and to build a business with integrity and be respectful of others, including your customers. This ensures lifetime customers and a sustainable long-term business. Whats problem with Inventory Loading ?

Inventory Loading Breaks the Relationship

A successful Business Leader knows his or her role in ensuring the success and growth of the organisation. This includes putting the interest of your downlines as a top priority as their success is your success. Hence, building trust and a good relationship are essential in promoting business continuity for your future and your loved ones. You may not realise it, but inventory loading breaks the relationship that you have established over the years. As responsible Shaklee Business Leaders, let us work together to advise every SID – new and existing – to prevent this practice for the sake of BUILDING A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP THAT LASTS.

1. Within the Family

You may be unnecessarily risking funds that are needed for your loved ones by stocking up products that you do not need. Keeping a high inventory will not ensure your success in the business. On the other hand, trust and a good relationship with your loved ones will.

2. Between Genealogy

You are putting your self-interest above that of your downlines if you allow such acts to occur in your organisation. Business Leaders who do not adhere to guidelines or are self-centered do not deserve your admiration and respect as a role model.

3. Between Other SID and Their Organisations

With inventory loading, you may expose yourself and your downlines to price undercutting and cross-group supply and this is a violation of the Shaklee Statement of Privileges and Responsibilities (P&R). These actions are killing your business as well as your downlines’ where the UV of the products do not flow to the rightful genealogy, depriving you of your rightful income.

4. Between Customers

You may not be able to provide excellent service to your customers when you focus on making quick profit out of your customers, who may leave you for another brand. The Shaklee business is about ensuring lifetime customers and sustainable long-term business, so you can earn and thrive with Shaklee.

What will be the reasonable inventory practice? Amount that you can sell and consume within a month.

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