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Future Leader Meeting Shaklee

Future Leader Meeting Shaklee

Hi we meet again, now me Faiz want to share something special about future leader meetings that I attended last 2014. OK, this event, I met many SIDs, from all over the world, which this event specially dedicated for younger generations, below 40 years old, oh ok, I now  I knew that, I could see what happen here, lots of drinks, gather around, talk each other. Lots of story to talk about future leader meetings, hahaha.

Future Leader Meetings

In the morning till evening, we have to attend conferences, and after conferences, some of Malaysian delegations were brought to Chinese Muslim restaurant, that place, we ate rice many-many, because we knew that it was hard to find rice. Everybody looking tired, in the bus, some Ireach members asked Master Zainul whether he want to go the event. Me myself have big mission, because I have to deliver, a gift from Malaysia, demo CDs from my friends En Piko. I have to go alone, without my roommate Mr Que. When I arrived there, oh what the heaven, so beautiful at the roof top, no, it was balcony of the Long Beach Convention Center. We have to show out passport, make sure that we not over 40 years old.

I just walk around look so many people, some beautiful American chicks , but their dressing so MasyaAllah, so sexy, hahaha, but I just walk around. At one time, we took picture, Malaysian like to take photo, I remembered that joke was made by Master Jesnor. After that, I just walk around, I got coupons for drinks. I knew that I have only 1 hour to mingle around, after that I have to go back to the hotel by walking. Later on, I just choose Pepsi, other drinks not halal, so many liquor that night, and some drinks I have to pay by myself.

I just listened to the music, enjoying all this music that night, but I have to be brave, and I just saw a group of people, I thinks this kind of people love musics, based on their dress. I just go there, say hi, I just say from Malaysia. It was Rodney, the man wore the red shirt introduced me to other members in that groups. WOW, OK, I become some kind of American “Speaking English” people. All there so friendly, and then later it was so easy to talk to them.

Asking About Ramadan

I remembered one things,  I have been asked from Rodney, who from Philippines migrate to Canada, how can Muslim can go fast for longer hour, from morning to evening. That time I said that we Malaysian SIDs can be energetic by eating shaklee products, like performances drinks, Energizing Soy Protein, and so many products. I told them, Malaysian SIDs got so many sales in fasting season. We talk talk and somehow I told them that I play harmonica, blues harp, Rodney and Glenn, was so happy, and then we go outside, have some jamming sessions. We sing together, recorded, and I have been featured in Rodney YouTube channel. What the moments, hahaha. After that slowly-slowly I introduced Master Zainul who just come around. Just jump to 2:46, we shouted “SHAKLEE NO 1”, and then we sang a bluesy song, with my harmonica at my mouth. What the moment.

I just want to say that, to all Malaysian delegates who go to Orlando this year, enjoy your conferences there, have a great vacations, and please, attend this kind of event. I remember a picture take by Master Lydzar and Master Lyna with American SID. Show to them that we bring our religion, we show them, we proud to be Shaklee Independent Distributor, gets more friends there. American people know how to respect Muslim women. Just talk to them, practicing your English, and grow up your networking. I cannot go to Orlando this year, not enough point to qualify for one ticket. After all, Shaklee international conference absolutely fantastic, you can see Mr CEO Roger Barnett sings, play music, and learn new things. Its a great future leader meetings after all.

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