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ESP Shaklee Low Glycemic Index

ESP Shaklee Low Glycemic Index

Why Shaklee #ESP is ONE of the best choice?

🌱First soy protein powder in the world?
The first protein isolation created by Dr. Shaklee in the early 70 ‘s. Dr. Shaklee was one of the earliest researchers in soy in the USA.
🌱HIGH quality NON-GMO soy protein with 9 ESSENTIAL amino acids that our body cannot be produce by iteself.
🌱Contains vitamin Bs and high concentrations of calcium
🌱LOW Glycemic Index (GI) to sustain energy hour after hour. With low GI break down sugar slowly, releasing glucose into your system. Keeping blood sugar levels low is important for weight loss and long term health.
🌱LOW in fat and cholesterol FREE.

So book yours now if you are interested

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