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Benefits of ESP Shaklee

Benefits of ESP Shaklee

Assalamualaikum, noon! 😍


ESP has been recognised through extensive clinical studies carried out worldwide as the highest quality plant base protein

its contain non-GMO, and process under low temperature

its BOOST ENERGY INSTANTLY without the need of digestion process

the protein from soybean is
🎗️twice of meat
🎗️4 times of egg
🎗️low in fat
🎗️no cholesterol
🎗️more easily absorb by human body

KEY benefits for ESP

❤️ Radiant skin supple muscle – stimulate regeneration of skin and muscle improve wrinkles, anti ageing and minimize scars

❤️stay youthful – amino acid make our muscles, nails, blood organ, skin and 50000 types of protein. soy protein is the key to maintain youthful😍

❤️improves men’s prostate – genistein in soy bean has bean proven able suppress the growing of cancer cell and prevent them from spreading. IT DESTROY FREE RADICAL BEFORE THE MUTATE CELLS DNA INTO CANCER CELLS.

❤️improves pigmentation – improve graying hair, hair loss, hair texture problem and pigmentation, freckles.

❤️instatnt energy booster – it provides energy instantly enhance imune booster

❤️Improves memory – improve memory, vitality, and responsive.

so obviously ESP shaklee is the best protein supplement in the world.

Move and shake it with Shaklee ESP.

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